Food Choices for Healthy People and a Healthy Planet


Hello, fellow supporters of healthy and earth-friendly food.  I’ve decided to take a sabbatical from activism and will not be blogging for some time. Here are a few brief thoughts about the need to balance action and rest.

It can be a bit discouraging to read about all the ways humans are harming the earth and each other, since each of us can do only so much. Yet it’s important to prevent burnout – both for our own sakes, and for the sake of the positive steps we can take in the future if we remain resilient. So here are some ways to refresh and renew ourselves.

I’m going to do at least three things. You could try them too, if you ever get discouraged.

Remember what you have achieved.

Realize how many people and organizations will keep helping while you rest for a while.

Love yourself.

Well, that’s it for now! Blessings for a holiday season and new year.


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