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This month’s E Magazine has an encouraging story by Melinda Tuhus about a positive development in the West Bank. The Palestine Fair Trade Association has organized olive growers into cooperatives, so they receive a fair wage for their work and have their own brand, Canaan Fair Trade, which is sold in stores like Whole Foods. Said one member, “The people here [in the association] are very nice and they treat the farmers very well,” he says. “And they give scholarships to the children of the farmers.”  Canaan Fair Trade also produces other Middle Eastern delicacies like tahini, couscous, fig spread, and more. Check out the website to see all they do in their community!





Here are some places in the Bay Area where you can buy Canaan products:

2840 College Avenue,  Berkeley, CA 94705

1745 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

440 California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA

Just as heartwarming to those of us who care about good, sustainable, fair trade food, I’ve written elsewhere about several collaborations among Israelis, Jordanians, and Palestinians:

Friends of the Earth/Middle East is an organization of Israeli, Jordanian, and Palestinian environmentalists who work together to clean up the Jordan River and the Dead Sea. This organization also promotes healthy food, solar energy, and eco-tourism.”






“Yossi Leshem, an Israeli bird expert and director of the International Center for the Study of Bird Migration, was troubled by the deaths of hundreds of birds in northern Israel. The birds were being killed by the chemicals used to eradicate the rats that were eating the farmers’ crops. Leshem persuaded a kibbutz to try a different solution. Barn owl boxes were installed to lure owls to make their homes at the kibbutz, and within a few years the rat problem was solved. An Ohio Jewish community group gave funds so the kibbutz members could donate building materials for owl nesting boxes to their Jordanian neighbors. Little by little, overcoming obstacles, the project is helping former enemies reach out to one another.”

May food be a bridge to peace.

In light of the 1/2 billion egg recall due the 1,300 salmonella cases (article in: The Huffington Post) , Trader Joe’s and Fareway Stores have committed to stop selling the supplier Jack DeCoster’s eggs in their stores for good. What’s the reason why these grocery stores have committed to this? It’s because of the 32,000 Food Democracy Now! members who campaigned against the bad eggs and their production.

We want to salute those members and encourage you in the fight against DeCoster’s facilities and their bad eggs distribution at other grocery stores! There are two things you can do to participate:

1. Sign the petition to tell other groceries to stop selling bad eggs and spread the word for others to do so as well.

2. Help fund Food Democracy Now!’s Bad Egg campaign to help pay for travel and signature deliveries at Costco, Walmart, and others’ big corporate headquarters.

This Swiss family, Dario Schworer, Sabine Schworer-Ammaun and three kids have spent the past 7 years traveling to 47 countries to share eco-friendly ideas and trying to inspire the children for the future.  They have even “taught people in Ecuador how the sun’s rays can be used to purify water and inspired a person in Chile to build a house on water with recycled plastic bottles as a foundation (something they learned while in the Caribbean). They have also collected trash in the mountains of Nepal with school children.”

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One can’t help but be inspired by the dedication this family has to improving the earth’s sustainability. The Earth-Friendly Food Chain salutes your family and appreciates your efforts to improve the earth globally!

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The well-known Jack Johnson recently released his 5th album “To the Sea.” On his upcoming world tour, Jack has graciously decided to give 100% of the proceeds to non-profit organizations and foundations. To read the full story click here.

He has dedicated his music and lifestyle to support the environment. He uses biodiesel fuel for his buses and his recording facilities run on solar power. “The Earth-Friendly Food Chain” salutes you!!! Check out Jack website for more information on what he supports and how you do your part to help out.

When Greenpeace found that grocery chain Trader Joe’s was selling seafood that was procured in earth-harming ways, the environmental leader set up a satiric website and led a consumer outcry. Happily, the call for sustainability was heard and TJ’s has announced a comprehensive sustainable seafood policy. It won’t take effect immediately (see here for full article) but this change shows the power of the shopper. The news item reported, “In talking with environmentalists, activists and avid seafood shoppers Greenpeace discovered a common link–they all want sustainable seafood in supermarkets and are willing to speak up for the oceans.”

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No, not the bookstore – the edges around farm fields. Organic and sustainable farmers have long known the value of hedgerows around fields – they allow habitat for wildlife, improve water quality, and offer homes for pollinators. Recent food safety scares have caused some places to blame hedgerows, but we think that’s like blaming the rooster for sunrise. Food safety comes with fewer toxins, better inspections, and cleaning up the meat supply. (FYI: I don’t eat meat myself, and you might not either if you knew about the cruelty and filth involved). Anyway, we congratulate the Wild Farm Alliance for encouraging border planting on farms.